Contact Lens Exam

  • A Contact Lens Exam is a separate fee from your routine eye exam. It involves more time and testing than a regular eye exam, including evaluation of:
    • a biomicrosopic examination of the eyes
    • Corneal curvature and topography
    • Corneal integrity, sensitivity and tear analytics
    • Eyelids, eyelashes, allergies and medication consideration
    • Position, movement and centration of contact lenses
    • Visual acuity
    • Training of insertion and removal of lenses
    • Education in the care, handling and cleaning of lenses
    The fee for an annual contact lens exam for a new wearer ranges from $129-$169 The fee for an annual contact lens exam for an existing wearer ranges from $109-$149
    Follow-up Visits for a period of 3 months, as well as any trial lens and insertion and removal help are covered under the exam fee. Any further problems concerning vision, comfort, or insertion and removal outside of the 90-day window will require another contact lens exam with a fee. Contact lenses are NOT returnable after 90 days.
    In keeping with the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act, your contact lens prescription expires every year, so you will need an exam annually to continue to order your contacts. We are happy to provide you with a copy of your contact lens prescription when it is finalized. With the purchase of a year supply of contacts, we offer 6 months, no-interest financing through Care Credit. Also, you receive free shipping to your home and manufacturer rebates, if applicable.

    Other considerations:

    I understand that contact lenses have many benefits but, as with any other medical devices, they are no without possible risks. A small percentage of wearers develop serious complications which can lead to permanent eye damage. I agree to follow the advice and instructions given to me by this office. In the event I experience any unexplained eye pain, redness, or vision changes, I will remove my contacts and seek medical care.
  • Parent's signature if patient is under 18
  • Today's Date: 02/27/2021